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    Long story short: I meddle and my meddling resulting in some strange behavior with preware and overall system performance. To be certain all the nasty things my meddling my have caused was destroyed, I removed my TP from the webos account and ensured the backup was deleted, did a full wipe and used the Dr. to install 3.0.2. Once I logged into the device with the webos account, the catalog app knew who I was and automatically installed the apps I downloaded. Only thing missing was the app data itself; perhaps HP can, in the future, have "the cloud" note the settings and data for the apps.

    It was a really smooth process. Only time I touched the puter (by my choice not required) was to use the Dr. I'm gonna use it for a while before doing the preware thing again lest I be tempted to meddle more.

    Is there something like an imaging utility on preware? I'd like to have another backup option other than the auto backup to the webos account. Many rooted android devices can do device image via a custom boot image. Once it's done, it's really nice to know that image is there.
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    When you get back to homebrew, check out SaveRestore for app data:

    Application:SaveRestore - WebOS Internals
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    Related Save/Restore question:

    Can I copy my saverestore file onto the TP from my phone (via 'puter, of course) and restore game progress, etc? Also, I'm guessing that you would be generating such data independently on TP and phone without any overt way of synch'ing. Right?
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