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    Quote Originally Posted by nospleen View Post
    What was the area code they called from? I'm having VM issues and received two calls today from numbers that I'm not familiar with. Wondering if one was Staples...
    It was an 859 AC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CTownBob View Post
    It was an 859 AC.
    Thanks... False alarm.
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    Well mine just went through to UPS. At least UPS is recognizing the tracking numb now..... Guess well see.
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    Man, I just noticed my 16gb TP got a bright pixel on the top left area of the screen. I want to try to get a replacement unit in store tomorrow, just hoping they still have units available and will let me do it :\
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    Mines out for delivery. Anyone else's finally get through?
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    Mine's out for delivery too!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syndil View Post
    Valid or not, someone made a mistake, stacking two $100-off coupons together. Frankly I'm surprised anyone was able to get both coupons together.
    I don't believe there were 2 coupons, per say. HP was offering a $100 instant discount. Staples just happened to have a coupon for $100 off the same weekend. There is no reason it shouldn't have worked.

    I'm glad several of you were able to get the savings. When I saw the woot! offer Friday morning, I jumped on it. It wasn't until later in the day that members started talking about Office Depot price matching the Staples coupon.

    For those of you that have ordered your TP through Staples and are expecting it in a day or two, awesome! My woot! account till doesn't show a FEDEX tracking number.
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    Another Staples purchaser who used got the 16GB for $200 off - I was able to get a UPS tracking # last night from customer service, and UPS shows that the package is on a truck for delivery this morning. Mine did the whole "Processing Order" thing on the Staples website, too.

    Let's all quit freaking out over this. With the exception of the OP, I don't think anyone is getting their order cancelled.

    Edit: OP - if your order really did get cancelled and you have not been able to re-order at your local staples, PM me for some information that should be able to solve your issue very quickly, assuming you still have your printed store receipt, etc.
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    Mine went through to UPS (16gb).

    I think the difference might be what the Staples website shows as your payment price. Mine had only the HP$100 discount listed, even though I paid $100 less at the store. So from's perspective, I paid $399 plus tax, so they would have no reason to cancel the order.

    just my random guess, i haven't received delivery yet so I probably just jinxed myself.
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    Ordered the 16Gb from the store with the $200 discount on friday afternoon. My order changed to "Processing Order" last night and this morning I got a tracking code and it was delivered to the store about 2 hours ago and got it picked up a little bit ago. Now I just have to wait a few more hours till I leave work to play with it.
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