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    I enjoy using my touchpad everyday but one thing it is really lacking is the voice to text,email and search. This is IMO the only leg up android has over webOS.
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    Voice controls I hope are coming with the Pre3.

    I need voice to Text to badly.
    and Voice to MP3 play would be really good.
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    If you haven't already done it, add it to the features request thread:
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    Voice Commands and Speech to Text do have their place but not everywhere. For instance, you would not use it on a bus, at the theater, in most meetings, etc.

    Still speech recognition has come so far just in the past year. iOS 5 coming next month to the iPad and iPhone will feature Nuance that testers say is amazing. Just speak naturally and it does it. Android Voice Actions had this since May 2010.

    The Pre 3 is the one that will really need great Voice Commands and Speech to Text for when you are driving. Texting while driving is illegal in 30 states.

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