I know a lot of people are dying to be able to sync their TPs to their phones for text messaging...

I'm a serious Google Voice (gv) user and I have to say, the TP browser is phenomenal with gv! In fact, the TP browser does a better job in some aspects than google chrome and firefox. The TP will push new texts to your inbox. You don't need to refresh! I usually just hear/feel the notification from my (android) phone and then go to the browser. But often times I will see a new message before my phone even gets it.

There was also a recent update to gv which greatly improved the experience for the TP. Now, scrolling your inbox takes place in a smaller box on the page. This means that using touch scrolling will only move your inbox, not the whole page.

Texting with gv on the TP has been my primary use for it. The blue tooth keyboard is awesome. When I get home I can reply/send texts quickest w/ my TP because its instant-on and sitting on my kitchen counter. And even when I'm away from the keyboard, 3.0.2 really improved the digital keyboard, its much easier to type.

So you don't need a Pre 3 to text with the TP, just use gv, its super-awesome!