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    When I go to run Preware 1.7.2 on my TouchPad (3.0.2), I get this error message. After I click ok, it continues to load preware and things seem okay, however one thing I notice is that not all the themes are available. I enabled the prethemer feed but there are only a handful of themes. I was looking for the Glass Effect Suite and it is nowhere to be found. Any ideas?

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    Looks like the error was caused by having prethemer feed on. I guess prethemer is down. Word!
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    yep. Seems to be still down ATM. Just got back from vacation, and I'm trying to remove the glass effect theme before running the 3.0.2 update, but get the feed error. I hope they fix it soon or I'll be tempted to just go ahead with the update!
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    has it been down for quite a while? This was reported several weeks ago.

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