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    So I have been reading on here about the number of apps vs Ipad number of apps , etc. I guess it makes sense. WebOS users just want the same productivity from the TouchPad that they are seeing from other devices. But I was thinking..back to a time when there were no apps. Ok, I may be thinking outside the box here, but I'm imagining an OS that relies less on apps and more on the OS. Microsoft did it for years and are still doing it. So who was that originally came up with the App idea? Was it apple ? I just hate the idea of having to pay $2 for an App, for my phone, then pay another $2 for the same app, on my mobile tablet. Yep, thats right, thats Apple for you. Ok, so that was my anti Apple comment. I will say that I own an Ipod touch and it is an ok device.

    But I will say there is a time and place for apps. Having a application for a certain function is definitely a convenience.

    To me , I'm more interested in how the device could communicate with my mobile phone, one shared profile, etc. , not just another game app.
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    Long before iphones and apps... If you ever had a windows mobile device like a Dell axim or ipaq before that, there were programs you could buy just like for a pc... And they were crazy expensive compared to spending a dollar or two now. Tons of software.
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    Apple was one of the first, if not the first, to put the idea of all applications being purchased from a single approved location with its app store. But, having different paid apps on different devices has been around much longer. As was mentioned, if you wanted to purchase an app back in the old PalmOS or WindowsCE days, you'd probably be paying more than 99 cents for apps. It was common for apps to be $20 or more.

    Also, when the iPhone first came out, Apple really pushed Web apps over compiled apps, until the number got much bigger. Frankly, I think Palm/HP really should have done the same thing until the numbers grew. (Actually, I think there still should be a push for better mobile sites, but that's a different thread, I think.)
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    I just hate the idea of having to pay $2 for an App, for my phone, then pay another $2 for the same app, on my mobile tablet.
    It beggars belief that people feel hard done by for having to pay $4.00 for two apps, that they would use regularly, on different devices. $4.00 is less than the minimum wage for one hours work for the majority of the world. An app takes far more time than one hour to develop. In this day and age consumers are spoiled and expect stuff to be free or less than a buck.
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