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    Got me a new TP over the weekend and haven't received it yet....but I had a couple of questions.

    1) Looks like some are overclocking to 1.5GHz. Does this hurt the device in any way ? Other than maybe using more battery ?

    2) Some have complained about the lag and how the update has helped. Is it possible that future updates could continue to help?
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    1. None that have been reported. You should be fine. The processor is clocked at 1.5ghz, so the current kernel actually downclocks it.

    2. Yes absolutely.
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    Any noticeable difference going from 1.2 to 1.5 GHz ?
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    you know, I noticed some, but I REALLY noticed the jump to 1.72.

    App loading went from alright to a bit better to suddenly blazing. Email was faster, browsing sped up especially when rendering java and html5
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    Any noticeable difference going from 1.2 to 1.5 GHz ?

    Here are some test results:

    SunSpider Bench (web performance): before - 4010 ms, after - 3736 ms (the lesser is better)
    WebOSMark (system performance): before - 730, after - 934

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