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    Can anyone really tell me if the battery is weak in the TP. I bought one from Staples for $300. But all the other stores made it a point to say, the battery don't last as long Ipad or the others.
    I guess my next question is can the battery be up sized, or is their an app for that? I have a legacy pre.I'm looking forward to my tp. because my wife taunts her Ipad in my face all the time. I sure wish Sprint or HP would make up, so I can get my pre 3. I'm WEBOS ecosystem all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Let's just say that you'll be saving power on your phone because you can leave it charging while the TouchPad keeps on rocking. =P
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    my touchpad goes about as long as my fiances ipad2... give or take an hour depending on how we use them...
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    My TP lasts about 8-9 hours when browsing the web and using data intensive apps. Idk about video and such yet. I'm satisfied with the battery life.

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    Impressed by battery and that is while playing flash games.
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    well i using my tp daliy at work with medium usage , comes of the charger at 9am when i leave home, have wifi on and bluetooth on all the time. by 10pm when i put back on the charger it at about 60% where my pre batttey would be dead by 5pm with the same usage. also when i have used my friends ipad with the same usage it would be at about 40-50% battery left
    hope this h so helps
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    My iPad 2 lasts longer.
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    Staples tried to get me to buy their extended warranty, saying that it would replace the battery for me, and that the TP will need it. I doubt that.

    I chalk it up to them trying to squeeze some extra bucks out of me, since I got such a great deal!
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    my asus transformer lasted a little longer. maybe 1 or 2hours more. (tablet only, not with dock) But battery still lasts me.
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    We played some games on the TP last night, I did some web browsing before and after, streamed the new episode of Jersey Shore, played some more games and more browsing, left it on my night stand... woke up around 40%. Battery life has been great so far.

    Also I take it to work some days, can do some light browsing and turning on and off of the wifi (so pulling e-mail and FB status etc) and can get home with 98%ish battery (about 10 hours or more off TS).
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    There's really not much in it. If the TouchPad has a shorter running time it's because it does things better. It's worth it!

    I use mine on and off ALL day, I only charge it at night because I have the touchstone and it's easy, but it lasts way into the next day. I'm impressed!
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