I just noticed that my TPad phone program will not let me call a number which I can call on my mac Skype.

Telephone numbers in Haiti have 8 digits. A few years ago they had 6 digits, like the USA did 50 years ago. Because of fights among different cell phone companies they stuck an 8th number in front of the normal 7 digit number.

Two local companies followed the USA practice of charging everyone for every minute on line. Digicel came in from Ireland and used the world practice of free receiving. Thus the fight; they would not interconnect.

so, to call a Digicel phone in Haiti one puts 1-509 (country code) 3 (digicel code) then the 777-7777 regular number.

Webos 3.0 refuses to dial that 11 digit number. It says invalid code. It is NOT invalid, try it!