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    I like my Touchpad, but let us imagine the next one. This model should be discounted more and a follow-up TP II brought on quickly. There is no GPS on this thing. Mapping only works with the Goog's wi-fi location service. Pretty lame.

    Next model? A solid case carved from resin like the gorgeous Nokia N8/N9. I know it is not resin,some kind of plastic. People want a camera on the back? Ok, I but want a better chat camera. Make it the absolutely best Skype device.

    OS development? Takes time,yah. Let us get the rendering engine up to speed please. This is a crash program, yes?

    My network stack still freezes up; this is worse than on my Pre2. Get the tcp/ip working properly. Does android lose connectivity like this? There isn't any java in there. No? Why does a linux network stack lose sync?
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    next one needs to be 7" so I can type with my thumbs.
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    I agree. I use my thumbs also
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    Must be at least 1280x720.
    Same on phones - I may not upgrade until a 4-4.5" 1280x720 display is available. Technology is there - they can already do 960x540 on a 4" 6mos ago (Atrix), 1280x720 isn't too much of a stretch, especially adding an extra 1/2" over standard 4" displays.

    MUST be able to do minimal HD, or I'm not interested.

    And yes, I think 7" is the sweet spot.

    So... for TouchPad 2...
    Quad-core Qualcomm Kal-el processor, 1.2gHz or higher
    Decent quality GPU integrated in, or separate PowerVR/Mali/Tegra gfx
    7" 1280x800 display
    1GB RAM
    16gb/32GB flash
    MicroSD slot
    802.11 B/G/N
    Bluetooth 3
    USB port with host mode (via miniUSB/microUSB pigtail is fine to minimize size of onboard port)
    Mini/micro HDMI port, with full 1080P and DD5.1 output via the HDMI port

    Those are my minimums...

    MicroSD is good for more than just storage - makes transferring back-and-forth much easier, without having to use USB. I think a full size SD-card slot, with SDXC support makes more sense. You can use a MIcroSDHC with an adapter, yet still feed the TP2 full-size 64GB+ SDXC cards...
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    The touchpad 2 will have new features HP gets from customer feedback

    Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA

    They really take it seriously.
    Try diplomacy first. You can always conquer them later..., read it, use it, love it, and donate to it.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    next one needs to be 7" so I can type with my thumbs.
    I'd rather keep the one I've got and have one of those split VKBs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grappler View Post
    I'd rather keep the one I've got and have one of those split VKBs.
    That gives you the best of both: 10" screen and thumb typing like the Thumb or SwiftKey X tablet keyboards.
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    I want TouchPad7.. it will my next tablet after my iPad1.

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