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    The OP has it right. I don't know why you were bashing his opinion. That's what it is, opinion, not fact.

    I tend to fall in line with the OP's take too. I've tried to give the Touchpad the benefit of the doubt but the fact of the matter is that I don't see any trajectory for many apps being ported over to webOS. I'm already seeing much more quality apps available for Windows Phone 7.

    HP should be worried. Why is it that Microsoft can go and develop apps for popular uses of their device like Netflix but HP can't?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennat View Post
    -Netflix and many Big name Magazine names were shown off at the Feb 9th event but as of yet they are not available in the app cat but there is no excuse for it not being here already
    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $there$ $are$ $no$ $announced$ $plans$ $to$ $bring$ $Netflix$ $to$ $the$ $TP$. $What$ $was$ $said$ $at$ $the$ $Feb$ $9th$ $event$ $was$ $simply$ $that$ $there$ $was$ $sufficient$ $encryption$ $to$ $support$ $Netflix$ $DRM$. $And$ $I$ $think$ $they$ $flashed$ $the$ $Netflix$ $logo$ $at$ $the$ $beginning$, $talking$ $about$ $digital$ $content$ $companies$.

    I sure hope that Netflix is persuaded soon, though. My hope is that, hearing about the recent Netflix deal with Dreamworks Animation, a WebOS Netflix agreement was somewhere in there. You know, 'cause HP and Dreamworks are close. Wishful thinking, I know.
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    To the OP...

    Has your TP developed cracks around the speakers yet? If you were on the fence about returning it before now, this may push you over the edge.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    When the iPhone came out, it didn't matter that other platforms had hundreds of thousands of apps: the much better UI is what mattered, and users knew that if they bought an iPhone and stayed with it, the apps would come. And they did.

    When webOS came out, it didn't matter that it had a much better UI: the apps were suddenly what mattered, and users knew that if they spread enough fear, uncertainty and doubt among the still tiny userbase, the userbase would never grow and the apps would never come. And they didn't.

    I wonder how many people would have gotten webOS phones if the internet hadn't been plastered over with silly idiocies like "PRE SO SHARP IT CAN CUT BREAD" (there's an edge, but it isn't sharp enough to even scratch skin?) or "OREO WILL MAKE IT FALL APART" (HTC G2 had a similar issue, and nobody cared) or "IT DOESNT HAVE ANY APPS" (which was no issue at all one year earlier when Android came out, or another year earlier when the iPhone came out... when there were multiple other platforms with literally hundreds of thousands of apps).

    Astroturfing works.

    And ALL THAT being said... the TouchPad STILL has more apps than Honeycomb, which has been out longer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    I hve no clue until I bought itvbecause there is no way to browse the store online anymore.

    I was thinking most of the $200 in phone apps would be scaled up. Dr podder, Grooveshark,mini piano, media remote, packntrack, radio habiki poster, my q, tumby to name a few...
    But you knew almost immediately that they were not scaled up. If that was the reason for your purchase, you should have returned it then. You definitely should not have kept as long as you did, with the level of dissatisfaction you're experiencing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennat View Post
    By the looks of it you are a classical conditioned user who uses apps, apps, apps. I guess us WebOS enthusiasts are less so. But as far as the app problems you brought up it looks like your main one you would like are a news/RSS reader, games, and media streamer. Here is a quick list of a few apps you may want to check out. And document editing is coming but it is just ridiculous that it isn't already.

    news/RSS reader:
    -Mosaic Reader (I use this and just plug it into the news feeds. It has a very slick ui that I love)
    -Need for feeds

    -Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
    -Galcon Fusion
    -Robotek HD
    -Big Boss
    -Glyder 2 HD
    -Sparkle HD
    -Shrek Kart HD
    -Totemo HD
    -Atlantis Sky Patrol HD

    Media Consumption:
    -HP Media Store
    -7digital MP3 Music (this is what I use sense I have a trillion ripped movies)
    -Comics HD and Comic Shelf HD
    -Netflix and many Big name Magazine names were shown off at the Feb 9th event but as of yet they are not available in the app cat but there is no excuse for it not being here already
    Even though the OP is an iUser, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt here as some of them can see the light. So to add to @Rennat's post...

    Electronic Arts, Gameloft, GLU Mobile, Rovio Mobile, Hexage, etc. BIG TIME app developers have their apps on webOS. Not to mention that ALL of the non-HD versions will still scale to the TPad screen res.

    We have the Kindle app, the most successful and largest ebook platform period. As for your epub format books, pReader is a solid readers that handles probably 90% of all known formats.

    There are several very good note apps available TapNote being my daily business tool for this. Typewriter is also pretty good. As well as Google docs which as a college student myself works beautifully with the universities Google Docs suite.

    On the entertainment front, in addition to the HP Movie store, which is powered by RoxioNow, one of the largest on demand providers, you can watch all flash hosted media sites. (FREE not Plus),, VUDU via Wal-Mart, Amazon Movies, etc. All work and run perfectly and I have enjoyed many full length films from them.

    As a student, the sheer fluid workflow abilities of webOS should have you all giddy, you just have to retrain your brain to use the TPad more like your desktop than your iphone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattgibstein View Post
    * First and foremost, I didn’t start an account on PreCentral to be obnoxious or to flaunt the fact I own an iPad. I came seeking advice as a first-timer to webOS and Palm.
    Your post was fine and there is nothing wrong with mentioning that you own some Apple products.

    Quote Originally Posted by mattgibstein View Post
    What I got was animosity. And lots of it.
    Sadly this forum has been going downhill during recent months. It used to be great.
    Much vented frustrations couple with occasional trolling and neverending venting makes for a more suspicious atmosphere.

    But there is still a lot of info and help available here.

    Quote Originally Posted by mattgibstein View Post
    Did my questions not seem sincere enough? I really wanted to know if I’m missing any major features, hugely productive apps, awesome games, etc.
    Your post seemed sincere and honest to me. Don't listen to the knee-jerk replies.

    Quote Originally Posted by mattgibstein View Post
    Now, this next part may sound like a vent. If so, I apologize:

    Quote Originally Posted by mattgibstein View Post
    * Have you tried to use a TouchPad at a big box retailer? It’s a sad, sad experience. Out of all the demo units (not just TouchPads), I’d say upwards of eighty percent were dead/unplugged. At Office Depot, for example, only one of the five they had was functional.
    You might have made the mistake of over-generalizing. I went to a Best Buy when the TouchPad came out - they had several demo units - all working. I think they were even connected and I could browse random sites - but not 100% sure anymore.

    Quote Originally Posted by mattgibstein View Post
    Another annoyance: the staff is often clueless about the merchandise—several people referred to the TouchPad as an Android device and seemed genuinely shocked to learn that that wasn’t the case. (A caveat—I overheard two Best Buy employees converse about how there was a) no $114 Kindle and then once I informed them it was a WiFi only version that was ad-supported they proceeded to tell the inquiring customer that it “wasn’t the real one.”) So, let me ask you: how can I inquire and ask questions if there’s no one there to answer them?
    I'm with you. I expect most of the sales people to be clueless about the details of what they sell (places like Best Buy have so many products that I don't even fault them for that much - it takes a total geek to be familiar with any decent sub-selection of that). I didn't even bother asking anybody.
    But I came prepared - looked up specs here and other places, etc... Looked at YouTube videos, etc... I recommend to anybody to do the cybersearch before you got to a brick and mortar building so the only thing left is to check the physical aspects (how it *feels* in the hand, etc...).

    Quote Originally Posted by mattgibstein View Post
    So yes, people. I did try it before I bought it… but it wasn’t much to go off of. Which is why I ended up buying it. I wanted to see what my experience would be like on a day-to-day basis. (Thanks for understanding @observator and @IcerC).
    I do understand. But at least the fact that app selection is low is a well-known and easily encountered fact. That part can't really have been much of a surprise.

    Quote Originally Posted by mattgibstein View Post
    Do you guys honestly think that I think money grows off of trees? Give me a break: I’m a working college student. That being said, I *love* technology and what it enables us to do, so if the Touchpad is really the best tablet out there… and it can help be in school and in my personal life… I want to know. So, enough out of you @SnotBoogie (sweet handle by the way).
    Doesn't really matter. Whether you have money to burn, or have to skip going to cinema for a couple of years is your choice/situation.

    Quote Originally Posted by mattgibstein View Post
    * I’m sorry but the fact the HP is a little late to the party doesn’t excuse it from the competition.
    You are right. It doesn't excuse HP from anything. But it *explains* the situation. And also makes it pretty obvious that they have some catching up to do and that that will need time.

    Quote Originally Posted by mattgibstein View Post
    Sorry @RedMist, @Weaser999, and the rest of ya. I know the iPad has had an *enormous* head start, but the truth is that the HP Touchpad is a direct competitor in the consumer space. I don’t expect it to have 100,000 apps… but again it is in the same tablet section as the iPad and the slew of Android tablets…so, I don’t get why everyone here seems to think it’s OK to glaze over the fact that there is a meager selection of apps.
    Again - it's not a matter of glazing over (though some commenters do go crazy with it) - it just explains the situation. Rain is wet. It's just stating the obvious.

    Quote Originally Posted by mattgibstein View Post
    In my opinion, it’s clear-cut: apps make tablets. And it seems like a number of you agree with me (at least somewhat—@omahawildcat and @doctj feel me).
    That is simply a matter of personal preferences. Yes - if having certain apps available and the tablet doesn't have them - then that tablet is not for your. Fair enough - no problem IMHO.

    But all the tablets have advantages and disadvantages. TP is very very weak on apps compared to Apple and Android. That's just a fact atm. They might have a sizable sub-selection in 6 months, 18 months or never.
    If having the largest selection or a particular sub-selection of apps available is paramount for somebody - that somebody shouldn't buy a TP at this time.

    OTOH if somebodies primary use is surfing the web (including flash-required sites) then an IPad suddenly is useless and it has to be an Android or webos tablet. IPad is weak on multi-tasking (important some, unimportant to others), stomps on homebrew (again important to some, irrelevant to others) and Apple thinks it's better to have their own proprietary connector instead of going with the USB industry standard.
    And if somebody *needs* flash to access some sites - then less speed is better than can't at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by mattgibstein View Post
    *And after the tens of replies, only a few people took a stab at actually answering my question (instead of stabbing @ me).
    Yeah - was sad to read.

    Quote Originally Posted by mattgibstein View Post
    Am I missing something? Or is the "state of the (TouchPad) apps" going to persist?
    Depends on things nobody can be entirely sure of. No doubt a bunch of apps will come out for the TP. But for the medium to long term future everything will depend on how successful TP/webos is and how long HP will give it to grow.

    Quote Originally Posted by mattgibstein View Post
    Another question: do any of you develop? Do *you* think more apps are going to make their way onto the App Catalog ?
    The "more" is a given. The how much and for long is what we don't know.
    By next year TP could be a solid success or a total fail or anything in between. To some degree HP can and will bribe devs to port apps. But to get into the 50000+ range this platform needs enough sales and marketing so that devs can't ignore the market share.

    Quote Originally Posted by mattgibstein View Post
    At this point, I'm even more anxious about the TouchPad considering some of the responses. Will keep playing around before I make my final verdict.
    If you can ignore the knee-jerk haters and stay around for a while you might find that there is plenty of decent folks here who are very willing to help out and provide real infos.

    I can guarantee you one thing - if you keep using webos for a while you will miss it even if you on the whole prefer another tablet for the app selection.

    BTW - I totally agree regarding the stupid fingerprint magnet back. To me that is more annoying than the lack of apps.
    I was considering a small device - be it a Netbook or a tablet. I'm favouring the Netbook so far. The TP almost made me reconsider and go with a tablet device. The damn glossy surface kept me from buying one though (well - wasn't the only reason - but a big part). Of course most of the other tablets and Netbooks suffer from the same design flaw. Glossy looks good for about the first minute you own a device - and after that is a constant PITA. My laptop has a glossy surface and it's a small but constant annoyance.
    Whoever designer/manager team came up with that brilliant idea is the first to get shot after the revolution. ;-)

    Also - why would anybody want a tablet with a slippery back? (again - widespread mistake - many others besides TP have the same problem)

    You said apps are very important to you and you even already own an Ipad. You also said that you like Apples design etc. so it seems they haven't annoyed you with the my-way-or-the-highway attitude.
    Given all that it seems to me that you already have the tablet most suited for your needs/wants - the Ipad - and probably should return the TP at the end of the period. From what you listed you found some points you like - but nothing that's a killer feature for you.

    No amount of advice from this site will change the app-selection (apart from getting Preware of course). Even if TP is becoming super-successful it will take a couple years to fully catch up with Apple and Android in app market size (IMHO somewhere beyond 50-100k apps the numbers become meaningless).
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattgibstein View Post
    Are there nifty features that truly help it stand out?
    Yes - but the question is whether the nifty features are nifty enough for you.

    The usefulness of multi-tasking has been debated a lot here with regard to the Pre/Pixi/Veer (-+23).

    I find a smartphone with multi-tasking a little bit better than one without - but I would agree that it is not super-important on a phone sized device.

    Almost everybody constantly uses multi-tasking on desktop computers. Selling one without would be a no-go today (PCs used to be single-tasking many years ago).

    Tablets fall somewhere in-between. You work on some document, call comes in, your document stays open. Caller asks a question - you quickly look something up on the web and/or in your contacts list. Your document is still there. That gets even better when the call is *about* the document you are just working on.
    Just a simple example.

    Sadly HP made the mistake of reducing the use of gestures on the TP compared to the smartphones. Big mistake IMHO. That would have been more of a nifty feature than it is now. Not really a killer feature for most - but something you constantly miss as soon as you switch to another device after you got used to it.

    Flash is another "nifty" feature - *if* your surfing habits include sites that require it and there is no app alternative.

    With regard to apps - Why do we have apps at all? They provide us functionality adapted to the form factor of the device. That's especially important on small (phone sized) devices.
    On the desktop PC level there is a big trend to go away from dedicated installed applications towards use of more web based "applications" (often called services instead). Enterprise especially loves the reduced need to install stuff on hundreds or thousands of machines.
    With smartphones using the regular web site is often somewhat painful. It usually works - but with a lot of scrolling, zoom in/out etc... Apps provide core functionality in a way more suited for the device.

    But that problem is much reduced on 10" tablet device. The screen is often big enough - especially if the site maintainer tweak the CSS files a bit.
    On a tablet with a fast enough browser and fast enough flash plugin (for the foreseeable future that flash is still a factor) the need for most apps would vanish. It could mostly be just games and a few other specialized, close to native hardware applications. Most apps could be replaced by regular web sites that adapt themselves a bit by enlarging buttons and considering the screen size in their CSS files.

    When I tested the TP the browser seemed fast enough, flash I didn't test much so can't judge that. From reports here I'd say the results are mixed.

    You might have noticed that notifications are much better than on the IPad. Not a killer feature and IOS 5 catched up a bit - but certainly "niffty".
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    OP: please use the "report" button if you see posts that are about people and not devices.

    Members: we are known for being friendly and helpful. Please continue that tradition.

    <thread cleaned>
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    <<mod delete>>

    It seems that you may be over-reacting to the responses to your post ... so let's step back a moment and consider what you originally posted ...

    You just did a simple comparison of the iOS-based iPad to the webOS-based TouchPad. You basically say I have X is on the iPad but it's not on the TouchPad. So what? You are assuming everyone needs or wants X on the Touchpad or can't wait until it is available if they do want it. As an example, I use an e-ink reader for all of my reading and do not read e-magazines. So I personally don't care about a epub reader app, even though a Kindle app is coming.

    You say apps make the tablet but they do not - apps enhance the OS and iOS requires considerably more enhancement than does webOS. Therefore more apps are needed for iOS. And I still haven't seen a "Multi-Tasking" app for iOS. If one wants the absolute most apps for your Smartphone/Tablet, well that would be Android since they have more now than iOS and will continue to grow the "lead". webOS will NEVER have the most apps and who cares. All that matters is do the critical apps you need exist? You don't seem to be aware of all the apps that are available which some posters have noted. You can easily browse or search the entire app catalog and I suggest that you do that to see if you can find all of your "critical" apps. What the webOS "ecosystem" lacks in apps is more than compensated by the excellent developer support to users as well as the homebrew community and even ...

    You mention the poor state of the retail experience for the Touchpad and you are right about that but that is true for all tablets and computers as well. The worst case seems to be Best Buy where no one seems to known anything about anything and half of what they do say turns out to be wrong. This is nothing new and isn't going to change. Which is why online forums like this one exist for almost every technical product in the market. But I have to say that doesn't prevent you from "playing" with any of the tablets at these type stores. I simply plugged in the TouchPad (someone had disconnected it when they picked it up and it was tangled in the display mount) and let it charge while I took care of some other things in BB and then came back and went through the demo. Yes, there was no Internet service connected to the demo unit so I connected it to the in-store open network! This was typical of ALL the units at BB, even the iPad2 which has its own kiosk (sometimes). So a little initiative goes a long way. I made several trips to assess the weight issue (due to the wireless charging, BTW) as well as the screen and other issues that had been posted on the forums here at PreCentral. Let's face it. Users love the glossy screen, fingerprints and all, and all the tablets suffer from the same issue, although to a different degree.

    I am a registered developer who stopped development when the Palm "For Sale" sign went up and then re-engaged after the February announcements and then stopped again after the Pre2 fiasco (a great phone that Sprint decided not to carry?) and have just re-engaged again. I have just worked on product specifications during that time, having decided to wait on Enyo maturity. The apps will come. It's a new product, out in the market for just a little over a month, and it takes time to get software right, especially the OS. You see, if the OS does not have the capability or has major bugs present, it reduces the quality of the apps which means the developers are going to delay or slow down their development. Now that the 3.0.2 SDK is out for developers, I expect the apps to start coming faster. The initial apps are either ones that HP targeted (and funded via money or resources) to be there at launch (all of them did not make it) or were from developers who saw an opportunity by being first. As mentioned, this was similar to the iPad launch with the only difference being they were under no market pressure since that initial device created the market which is an advantage of being first.

    While Apple certainly is the leader in apps they have a long way to go with iOS to eventually make it a real multi-tasking OS. They realize the threat and are working on implementing a "switcher" type OS, similar to what Palm OS was (Back to the Future?). I can tell you from personal experience that I would rather be working on apps than converting the OS from a simple Linux kernel to a true multi-tasking one. This is also why Blackberry bought QNX which is much further along than iOS is. But the ultimate test is really what does it bring to the user experience. Almost everyone agrees (even you as I recall) that webOS had got this right and HP is working on making it even better.

    Everyone on this forum is aware of the immaturity issues with the TouchPad and no one is trying to make light of those issues. If maturity is the major issue for you, then the iPad is certainly the product for you. I personally believe the user experience is the ultimate factor for electronic products and certainly tablets. Apple has done an outstanding job of understanding that as well as understanding the "personal" (touchy, feely) nature of tablets. But as HP says, it's a marathon and not a sprint which is true. Whoever is first is not necessarily first when the market matures. I think Apple will continue to appeal to the one computer family who will only own a single tablet but the rest of the market is wide open.

    Finally, you should understand why people think you are just an Apple devotee and bought the unit in order to identify the flaws, post them on this forum and then return the unit. You are a college student with limited money (implied?) yet you bought a TouchPad to figure out if it would work for you. Most people don't work that way, especially if they have limited funds. Plus it takes no money if you are going to return it anyway. Not saying this is or was your plan. Plus you start a new thread just about your "experience" to identify IF the TouchPad works for you. Normally a new forum member would post on existing threads that relate to your interest (you are not the only one asking this question). Plus your comments on apps, features and functionality seem to suggest that not much effort has been put into understanding the differences between the TouchPad and iPad. That may not be true but as most of your comments were somewhat inaccurate, it suggests that at least. So all of this just makes your scenario look suspicious. The thing is, no one really cares if you take it back or not. One purchase will not affect the success or lack of it for the TouchPad. Even if the TouchPad is an epic fail, which it is far from that at this point, HP will not be giving up or need to.

    You see, if you are truly that worried about the apps coming (not just antagonized by the delay, which we all are) then consider this: webOS, per HP, is going to be the standard UI and OS for printers in which HP is the dominant player in that market which is the #1 contributor to HP's profit. It is going to be on their laptops and desktops as a UI first, and eventually more. You will probably see it first on a Multi-Touch Desktop (which already exists with Windows on it) and then laptops with Multi-Touch screens. You will see it used as an embedded OS for all kinds of standalone units such as routers and much more. Think about a HDTV with integrated internet and browser, multi-touch controls, and with webOS! All of these will create a massive awareness and comfort level with webOS which will carry over to drive smartphones and tablet sales.

    You haven't see anything yet! ...
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    <<mod delete>>

    If after week or so, you still aren't finding it fit into your life as you would like, I would take it back and put the money towards something of more value or just wait until this winter for more powerful tablets and the new versions of the operating systems to come out. The market will be a bit different by then and I hope the webos devices will be a more practical choice.

    As I said in another post; I'm not a damn investor nor do I purchase based on "potential."
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    If after week or so, you still aren't finding it fit into your life as you would like, I would take it back and put the money towards something of more value or just wait until this winter for more powerful tablets and the new versions of the operating systems to come out. The market will be a bit different by then and I hope the webos devices will be a more practical choice.

    As I said in another post; I'm not a damn investor nor do I purchase based on "potential."
    You're not an investor, but you're buying a 1st gen. Devide. That's investing, because there are too many things that are expected, not facts.

    If you buy an ecosystem, right now webOS is too small in some aspects. Some people can live with that, and that makes them happy. If you can't, that makes the purchase wrong for you, not for them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by observator View Post
    As I said in another post; I'm not a damn investor nor do I purchase based on "potential."
    Good, then I hope you have no plans whatsoever of getting a Honeycomb tablet, and I hope you never bought an Android phone before, maybe, this year. Or an iPhone before 2009 or so. Because if you did either of those things, you must've purchased based on "potential" instead of actual performance.

    Meanwhile, a lot of other people are more strongly attracted to innovative stuff even if it suffers from some teething troubles than you are; consider everybody who bought an Android or an iPhone when you could have argued that Windows Mobile is less buggy, has way more apps and features, and is mature as opposed to those new platforms and their children's illnesses.

    I, for example, definitely purchase based on potential as I find that webOS as a platform is waaaay superior to iOS - kind of like how superior the iPhone's UX was to PalmOS and Windows Mobile 6, even though those two had hundreds of thousands of apps available and an established ecosystem.
    I'd rather have something that can, one day, be utterly awesome even though there's some wonk going on than something that's always going to be meh, but SOLIDLY meh at that.

    But of course, nobody forces you to buy a webOS device. Nobody at all. You don't like it, that's fine: there's no accounting for taste, and I genuinely, truly hope you're happy with whatever you decide suits your tastes and needs more than webOS.

    Meanwhile, it seems like you're here to tell people who DO want to buy a webOS device that they shouldn't. Why is that?
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    Hi Matt, i'd advise not to take anyting too personally. Your in a forum that is geared to pre/webOS enthusiast's and have new users like me who have invested in this platform and have gambled somewhat in its future. I work in an organization where i have iPads and iPhones all around me. what do i use, Windows Phone 7 and the TouchPad (My wife is still on the original Pre). But I have to Apple at work because they function RIGHT NOW and the TP doesnt(see my thread TouchPad in business).
    I cant deny Apple's stuff is good, they set the bar. What I have found however is there are a lot of creative technical companies out there and when there is a bar set, the number 2's and 3's work hard to leap frog number 1. It takes a while but they do it. I think the core of webOS is strong enough to do that. HP is big enough to make it happen. They could still botch it, of course and thats the risk. And Windows 8 tablets could change the entire landscape next year (hence my interets in Windows Phone 7) so there are a lot of things yet to happen here.
    I for one hope you'll hang around and continue to offer your input (but remember, your a Steelers fan at my Ravens game!). However it turns out we can still have a beer afterwards!
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    i think it's all about the ecosystem. and the problem is that the OP is already heavily invested in the iOS ecosystem. so there really is no tablet that that's going play in that environment as well as the iPad would. everything else will e just a hack (think how iTunes worked with the original pre) that's subject to the whim of the next upgrade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bennish View Post
    Did that post *really* called for a Cool Story Bro?

    I'm not sure you understand how that works. It's supposed to be in response to a rant, usually a reply itself.

    This didn't seem like either. If the OP had been flaming the Touchpad, maybe. But otherwise...

    Oh, and go ahead and respond to this post with 'Cool Story Bro'. I know you're just dying to, so knock yourself out.
    I disagree completely. The post started out with a title that sounded like a flame, and went down from there.
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    Sorry, folks. This thread is being closed because it has become a magnet for too many personal attacks.
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