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    Well, its not gonna help you now, but filing a bug reportd to hp may help it get fixed in the future.
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    What kind of journals are you reading? have you found equation display ok? I sometimes had a problem with my iPad no recognizing all equation etc.

    Also for me I think its more an issue with the download manager because it refuses to download file only download 1.2kb of any PDF files I download from the VLE at uni.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wencyjr View Post
    trust me, i know a rasterized image when i see one. the PDFs I read are modern technical ebooks, not scanned documents. you have to look at irifan's attachment where he compares how the same PDF looks on a TP and a PC. see if you can tell the difference there...if you can't, then there-in-lies are differing opinions.
    It could also be the case where the PC has ClearType turned on and HP hasn't licensed it or a competing technology for webOS. That would certainly impact how clear the PDF contents are rendered. At any rate, I find both examples to be readable.

    Why the app only lets the user zoom in to a set limit is odd, though.
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    I have to agree that it is the rendering capabilities in the Adobe app. I tried to read a scanned pdf on the Touchpad last week and it was pretty much unreadable. I loaded it on my Gtab with with the same results from the Adobe android app. I then opened it with the Repligo app and the text was rendered sharp and very readable. Hopefully app developers like those that developed Repligo will take an interest in WebOS soon.
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    Just a voice of support for you all complaining about the blurry PDF files. I'm sorry but the people suggesting it works fine are giving absolutely ludicrous ideas and explanations -- this is nothing to do with resolution or anything else. I can read beautiful text in the Kindle app. I flipped back and forth rapidly to compare. There is a very serious problem with the Adobe Reader. I even loaded the same PDF on Google Docs ON the TouchPad to compare side by side -- Google Docs rendered it crystal clear -- if only it weren't so slow as to be unusable.

    If you want to see a blurry doc that hurts your eyes to read -- get the free sample chapter here: "Sample Chapter" button.
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    I've been thinking about it and I have a guess about what the problem with Adobe Reader is: I think they are using some sort of sub-pixel smoothing technology and they are using one which doesn't match the R G B pixel configuration on the tablet -- because the blurriness is exactly like in Windows XP when you use ClearType and set it to the wrong setting for your particular LCD monitor. I've already reported this on, please -- please -- we may have a small window of opportunity to convince Adobe... but this device is useless to me without pdf support. File a bug at!
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    I pretty much hate my Touchpad for these PDF issues (i can't access my learning portal, cause it's secured, and TP can't download files from secured places)
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    Quote Originally Posted by boucles0 View Post
    i'm creating an application which creates pdf files. In webos 3.0, pdf files are not associated to adobe reader. HP is aware of that problem and will a fix asap.
    hi, I have TP with webos 3.04 latest and files don't open ---- mime files.
    what is the solution? Kim
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