after around three weeks with the touchpad, I still really like it and catch myself swiping cards away on my android tablets, wp7 phones and my wives iPad. The interface really works, is smooth, intuitive and sexy.

only snag is, that I live in switzerland (touchpad-wise that is). So there is no decent catalog (tried the workarounds, but didn't get it to work) and most likely no rebates an stuff.

But after wasting probably at least two hours, I was wondering why I was obsessed with the app catalog. When I get a pc, I also do not run into stores and buy dozens of software titles. I think that the touchpad delivers maybe 80% of what I need out of the box, right after it was launched. A few tweaks (rdp, office editing) and I'm satisfied. So what do I really need (or want) this 600$ computer to do when I gladly would dish out 2.5k for a full fledged pc? Maybe I dont really manage my expectations that well? I have - mind you - also been willing every other year to pay for a new tablet pc as well. And they are fully powered mobile windows machines.

granted, I was very relieved, that I could purchase a decent media player nevertheless though the web

I think the touchpad is an excellent hand-held device.