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    I purchased my TP a few days ago. Today I started experiencing problems with the browser not responding to link presses, not loading pages and getting proxy errors. I am on Cox Cable and I have never experienced any proxy issues. My other devices are not having any connection issues.
    Should I do a restore to the factory defaults and if so, how do I do that?
    Other then this I am liking the TP except for the lack of an app or widget for Google Voice and a file management program. Also, not having a way to load data into the device accept through my PC via the USB cable or

    Thank you in advance for your response.
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    Did you try just turning off the device and turning it back on?
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    From the App Catalog you can download GoAruna and/or Gemini. GoAruna is a free file management app and Gemini is a paid app. GA is very, very basic. Gemini, which I recommend, is robust and actually integrates with Dropbox and It's well worth its price.
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    Thanks for the tip.

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