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    I tried searching the forums for a similar issue to mine, but no luck so far. Here is what my issue is: I purchased a touchpad today and updated the OS and got the preware app. I'm trying to enable developer mode as instructed and when I try to enter a password (I've never activated the developer mode) I get the error message Error Setting Developer Mode - Setting the Device to developer mode failed. Any thoughts? Any assistance much appreciated.
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    Ack! Don't declare any password. That trips up Preware many times. Though there is a workaround that has been posted here somewhere.

    Otherwise, to get rid of the password problem you'll have to do a full erase.
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    Thank You! I was trying to get my touchpad going and couldn't get into developer mode. Where did I think of searching for help? precentral of coourse and sure enough, Solution!
    I just hit submit without entering a password and good to go. It made it seem like you have to enter it, but you don't.

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