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    eBay Daily Deal: Best deals for today only - plus free shipping!

    Only 12 hours left.

    Hit the thanks button... :-)
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    For anyone who cannot get $200 off TouchPad at Staples?!, here is the next best thing.

    But with no tax, and no shipping charge, that price is within a few dollars of Staples.

    11 hours left.
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    this is a great deal.

    I just bought one...with all these deals...and of course some extra money for my birthday...I couldn't resist anymore. Probably would have held off if there were some significant smartphone announcements by hp...but this doesn't seem to be happening any time soon...atleast by my carrier, vzw.

    this way I can continue with webOS via a tablet, and open the possibility for me to upgrade to an android or this point hp really isn't giving legacy users much choice...
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    only 48 minutes left...

    is anyone else biting?
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    23 Min Left!

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    I did jump in on this deal, after a bit of hesitation.

    Has anyone else gotten a shipment confirmation? I know it is only 2 PM Pacific and it apparently has to travel all the way from NY to me in SoCal. Just checking.
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    God, I so should have waited just 2 more weeks
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    I received my TouchPad shipment notification last night and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was shipping from Northern California, not New York (via FedEx).

    I am hoping to have it delivered within the next two days.

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