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    hi, I just bought a touchpad and am setting up. In the messenger yahoo and aim work fine but gchat will not show contacts. Calendar and mail synced fine. I have updated' signed on and off restarted no help... I am going insane. The available bubble is only half green so I think its not done loading but its been 3 hours. My bro tried on his touchpad and contacts show, so i know chat acct works on touch pads

    can title be changed to won't sync... Auto correct messed it up.
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    no one else has had this issue? I am really close to returning as the main use of this is chat. Followed was it not supporting my printer, pretty frustrated right now.
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    update.... i am not the only one with this issue that i know who bought a touchpad this weekend. seems to be an issue with netgear routers only. waiting on HP to get back to me.

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