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    just trying to find out if others have a slightly loose volume switch on their TPs as well. the switch on mine just isnt super 'tight', not that its crazy loose, but nevertheless wiggles/rattles a bit if i provoke it enough. doesnt feel extremely foreign but doesnt feel extremely 'perfect' either. maybe im just a perfectionist! what say you guys? what are your volume switches like?
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    Mine is fine
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    Mine is a bit loose. Really it's the only thing that is slightly annoying. But I don't really notice it all that much.
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    My first TP had the loose volume button too. A tiny part of the screen was also unresponsive to touch half of the time. I traded it for another pad, this new one has a crack by the speakers but that is all. I had the foleo case on my first TP, so the loose button really didn't bother me since I can't see or hear it wiggle.
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