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    We bought my touchpad through HP Shopping . ca because my dad has the employee benefits. We got the touchpad on the 5th of July, and had called back 4 times between then and yesterday to try and get accidental damage coverage. HP Shopping . ca had always said everytime we called that it was not available at this time and try back later. Then I found the HP Warranty app and downloaded it. Seeing the price I assumed it was an american app. Well turns out it wasnt and when we called a new number we found on our own yesterday they said to just download it through the app. Well the magical 30 days expired the night before! We called in Palm Support and they said the one guy said there was nothing he can do. Then we emailed support and got a case number. I then recieved an email asking about how the service was, but never was told the outcome! Now its the weekend and apparently HP doesnt work on the weekend.

    What should I do? I dont want the touchpad (or any tablet) if I dont have ADP. I need that in case something happens to it when I am using it for coaching hockey or through work. Should I be demanding to ask for a supervisor? If nothing can work out, what is the return policy on the touchpad?

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    Did you pay with a credit card? Call the credit card company.
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    Does SquareTrade offer coverage in Canada?
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    I would definitely get in touch with a supervisor. Detail out the dates and times you called for the ADP but were denied. Keep moving up the food chain. You made a good faith effort the entire time. It wasn't that you didn't want to pay for ADP, it was that you were told on numerous occasions that it wasn't available, which is patently false.
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    Unfortunately squaretrade is only canada if bought on ebay.

    And I am currently running up the ranks. Hopefully it will get resolved. Thanks everyone.
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    Heres an update:

    Thought this would get fixed with this solution but did not. Got a call today from webOS support saying there is nothing they can do because the 30 days have passed. So does and webOS not work together? Why does not redirect their HP customers to the proper place to recieve their warranty? The fact they can sell the product, and not tell you about the warranty despite being an HP sell centre boggles my mind. I would understand if Best Buy or something wouldnt be able to tell you where to get a warranty, but an actual HP company is extremely frustrating.

    Guess it is time to find the return policy so I can return it, or if that doesnt work, try to sell it for hopefully half the value. NOT IMPRESSED.

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