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    So I originally purchased my TouchPad in hopes of finding a superior tablet for my work enviornment (see "touchpad in business"). I was disappointed in it even post the recent update.
    However, I have been finding myself going to it more and more at home. It struck me this morning as my wife and I were studying a topic for our adult Sunday Study group. She was madly flipping pages in her bible and writing and occasionally asking me "look this up", "search this word", "how does this version state it". I was on the Touchpad running BibleZ, Simple Bible, had several web pages going, was typing notes, reading a PDF, listening to music and was thinking "I really need to get her a touchpad". Then it hit me, there really is a bunch of utility here. I have 3 pc's, 3 smartphones, a windows slate and I have unconsciously started to default to the Touchpad. I'm reading books, listening to podcasts, doing research on the web, reading and watching news, youtubing, taking notes, finding and downloading more and more apps.
    no doubt part of this is my adapting to the device and sticking with it over the past 5 weeks. But, does it also speak to the true functionality and growth that is occurring with the OS and ecosystem and bode well for the future?
    I am finding this to be true and am more optimistic about the future of the device. What do others think?
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    Yep, I find myself defaulting over to the TP as well. It's just too easy to use it. I do hope it'll get better for you as a business device. I can't imagine HP doesn't have big business plans for it.
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    I believe there is a common misconceptions that tablets have no utility. They have just as much utility as smartphones, sacrificing some portability for major gains in usability and battery life - as well as a general performance boost due to the larger sizes.
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    Yes I TP has opened many doors that otherwise would have required a laptop, power plug, and heat with the unit sitting on my lap. I would love a few extra like native document editing and some popular apps that land on IOS and Android first, but it is amazing how well things are coming together.

    Speaking of webOS bibles...between Simple Bible Pro (The Message), BibleZ HD (beta), and Our Daily Bread ( website) needs and met handsomely and thankfully the developers are busy porting these apps to native Enyo code (like Simple Bible Pro) to make them better and more TouchPad like. Sorli...
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    The way I've started to use my tablet is it provides me a laptop wherever I am (wifi dependent of course) without actually having to lug around a laptop. I think what we are all seeing is just as much the device coming together form a software/hardware side, but also we are all figuring out how to integrate a tablet into our lives.

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