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    I live in Costa Rica, a beautiful country in Central America ( great for vacations), anyway I have always wanted to buy a Palm Pre or now HP pre because I just loved WebOS, however because app catalog is not available here, never got one. I was wonder if the TouchPad has the same issues? Since its already discount I could buy one.
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    Welcome to PreCentral, Jtcr17!

    This might help you:
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    Someone should ask Mr. Kerris about this.Can we have a link provided so we can do so?
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    Welcome to PreCentral!
    You should be able to buy US apps. Check TouchPad Apps section. There is a post over there which tells you how to do that. Another option would be to use Impostah. ( I'm not sure if it will work in this case)
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    Thanks everybody for the Help I guess I will buy my new touchpad by the end of the month

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