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    I followed the instructions for the over clock feed - now i am getting an error from Preware when it is opened on my TP. Q: can you delete a Feed from the TP? I would like to start over as I am not able to get to the Uberkernal or F15 feed (pretty sure it is not their fault - my error!) I would love to have a clean slate. And just so I don't look like a complete *****, i was able to install the patches for improving the speed - those definately worked, if you have not installed them from preware here they are:
    - Faster Card Animations HYPER Version
    - Increase touch Sensitivity and Smoothness
    - Muffle Systmes Logging
    - Remove Dropped Packet Logging
    - Undthrottle Download Manager

    Thanks and hope someone can help.........
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    Have you rebooted, updated your feeds and checked Available Packages/Kernel to see if it's there?

    Make sure to re-read the wiki, thoroughly.....take your time.....follow ALL of the steps....and it should work.

    If it isn't working, it's because you missed a step somewhere.
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    I did reboot, updated the Feed and do see it in the Feed menu - but still can't find the app in the list. I guess that is why I was hoping to just delete it and start clean, because i can't see any way to open it and correct (though, it is all correct the way it is shown). Thanks for the quick response, go Flames.
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    you can delete a feed by turning it off and then swiping it left to right, an option will come up "Delete or Cancel".
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    That definately worked for removing Feeds, so thank you for getting me back to square. I will walk through the link you provided - s l o w l y .
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    Make sure you enter both the feed name and URL exactly the way the wiki specifies. You'll also need to install govnah from the webos-internals testing feed.

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    just a reminder, it is a testing feed. cavaet emptor, do at your own risk.

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