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    I live in the middle of BFE nowhere near any big box stores...and if you have an employee discount at HP EPP, you can get it for $347.49 after rebate, discount, and $30 coupon code...better than driving 4 hours to the nearest Staples...

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    Office Depot might match. Did for me in Marietta ga.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    I took a drive from Danville, VA to Greensboro, NC and ended up with the 16GB for $349.99. I couldn't get them to acknowledge the $399.99 price. I think the manager must have made a decision they'd let them go for Thursday's price of $449.99 minus $100 coupon plus no sales tax due to tax holiday in NC. They, of course, had none in stock so I'll have mine delivered by order on Tuesday. I'm really puzzled but relatively statisfied. If I went with the other option and drove to Lynchburg, VA and everything had been successful, I think their tax rate there is near 10% so I am thinking it would have been a longer drive for a $330 after tax device (tax holiday in Virginia does not include computers).
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    I just got back from staples here in NYC and payed $326.61 after taxes for the 16GB version. they didn't have any in-stock but here what i suggest you should do if you like to purchase one as well:

    -go to any staples and be sure to bring along the printed coupon.

    -tell a sales associate you'd like to purchase the 16GB Touchpad.

    -most likely they'll be out of stock. so ask them to order one for you.(no need to mention the coupon yet, it might just confuse the associate and complicate things.)

    -the associate will place the order for you and you have the option of having it shipped to the store for pick-up or you can have it shipped straight to your home.

    -the associate will give you a print out of the order for you to take to the register.

    -the employee at the register will ring up the item and at this point you can present them with the coupon.

    -they'll scan the coupon and you'll get $200 off MSRP.

    -finally, wait patiently for your new TP to arrive in the mail.

    i Hope this helps.
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    Yep. You can skip the associate by going to their in store kiosk though, they all have them. Get it printed up and take to register. If they just ,ake sure to show that they are different coupon numbers. I had to have the cashier enter the number manually and then it worked. Yay back to webos for me.
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    Staples is out of stock it seems both in most stores and their online site of the 16GB TP. I was able to go to a local Staples (Zona Rosa KC) and with a very helpful associate who asked if we had "The Coupon", explained he was unable to order the 16GB in the system as it was completely out of stock (showed us) but completed the sale for the 32GB with the full $200 off original price with no issues whatsoever. Should have new 32 GB Touchpad on Tuesday!

    Note, the only other local stores that were also in the no sales tax holiday were out of all Touchpads, but there may have been some Kansas locations with inventory on hand still.
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    I tried Staples (out of stock), Office Depot and Bestbuy with no luck on price/coupon match. Oh well.

    I only want the 16GB model. $100 difference for 16GB of storage is a ripoff IMO, even though it is the "standard" for the tablet market.

    I would consider paying $399 for a bundle (16GB w/ case and touchstone). I would consider this "making it right" for early adopters (I have a launch day Pre -), but in all honesty I would rather have a "making it right" discount on the Pre 3 (if it is ever going to be released!).
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    Quote Originally Posted by geewhiz View Post
    The $299.99 price (which the Staples employees were saying "Wow" about) is probably close to Staples' cost when factoring in HP's discount. [HP would adjust Staples' cost for the promotion due to the drop in list price]

    Hope this helps ... Good Luck!
    It's actually less than what it costs HP. The Bill of Materials on the 16gb TouchPad is $296 for HP, plus $10 in manufacturing costs. So it definitely cost more than that for Staples.

    Now if only there's a good deal on the Touchstone and a case...
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    does anyone know if you can goto any staples store for an exchange or does it have to be the same one?
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    I just did my part to boost the sales stats. No problem getting $200 off the 32 GB. I waited for the total to show and then said "I have a coupon." Sales rep said "There we are." It scanned with no snags.
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    I just got reports that the manager at both my local Office Depots were fired for accepting the coupon. Thats sad...
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    I got my 16GB at Office depot with a price match yesterday. The manager had to make a couple calls to verify, but approved it. Hope he doesn't meet the same fate that Abyssul reported, as it would be unfair because there online policy stated they price match coupons. BTW, told 2 freinds about it and they were able to pick one up from their local Staples so there must still be some out there...
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    evidently all of the 16gb are sold out but there are still a few 32gb's in the wild
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abyssul View Post
    I just got reports that the manager at both my local Office Depots were fired for accepting the coupon. Thats sad...
    I doubt that.
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    Not a single 16GB was in stock at any Staples within 100 miles of NC. Tried to price match with coupon at two Office Depots and got the runaround. Ended up going with the 32GB because it was in stock at Staples. Tax free weekend here meant it was $399 out the door. Now that I've gotten into the Preware homebrew stuff and how much HP is embracing that, I'm ready to start developing some apps. No regrets at all.
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    I was able to find a 16GB at the Office Depot, but Staples was out. OD honored my Staples coupon , but it didn't qualify for our tax-free weekend in Virginia.

    In the process of setting up and updating now.


    Now all I need is a Sprint Pre 3 to hook it up with! (Sorry, couldn't help it.)
    No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced
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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsetter883 View Post
    does anyone know if you can goto any staples store for an exchange or does it have to be the same one?
    It should say on their website. Depends on their POS (Point of Sale) system. If they can charge it back to the original store, then they will take it from any store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsetter883 View Post
    does anyone know if you can goto any staples store for an exchange or does it have to be the same one?
    Any Staples store will do.
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    bummer! I go out of town for the weekend and I comeback tonight to figure out I missed out on this awesome deal. Dang!
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    If anyone wants the 32gb version in the NYC area and wasn't able to get it, I have an unopened one and willing to sell it to you at cost (i.e. 399.99 + NYC sales tax)
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