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    I have a problem that Touchpad support seem unable to resolve. My TP's App catalog thinks it is in the USA even though I'm in the UK - so I can't buy anything. Some of the UK users have had this problem in early July and a board member, Calvin, fixed it for us - a replacement TP arrived yesterday and now I have the problem again.

    Touchpad Support seem unable to fix and the only suggestion was to create a new WebOS account. That has 'fixed' the catalog issue but of course all the apps I bought are associated with the previous account..................can accounts be merged so the attributes of the old one are applied to the new one?

    Thoughts appreciated!
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    WebOS accounts can not be merged.
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    If you send me a private message with your webOS account email address I can see why the new attributes did not carry over on the replacement device as they should have.
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