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    Some I images it will do it straight away and others it just won't do. When looking in .photoapp there are some screennails that have been generated and some are 0KB, does this mean they are being generated? Or they were failed to be generated?

    Also when viewing an image if I press the slideshow button it will display it as full quality straight away.

    I will try leaving it overnight
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    Grrr, updating to 3.0.5 broke Internalz for me, I need to (re)fix this issue...HP should fix this in the next webOS update!
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    Is it just me? I used to be able to delete all the screenNail pictures from the computer while the TP was in USB mode, but yesterday I couldn't find the /media directory even though I can see hidden files. Do I really have to delete them all one by one in Internalz? Or was I just affected by temporary blindness?
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