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    I have a new HP Touchpad and am trying to delete a couploe of empty albums / files but nothing will delete them, is this a bug ? can anyone help
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    its a bug in webOS 3.0. Update your pad to 3.0.2 and you will be able to delete the albums.i
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    Really grateful for your help, it's been driving me crazy, thanks again
    John Rider Bristol UK
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    I'm using 3.0.2, but I still don't see how to delete an album. I'm obviously missing something (probably right in front of my eyes), but if someone could tell me how, that would be great. Thx.

    EDIT: I just figured it out. You need to delete all the contents from the folder before it will allow you to delete the folder. I would've liked to been able to delete an entire folder even with stuff in it, but this is better than nothing.
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