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    My Govnah did not update after I installed the UberKernel on my TouchPad, it is still v0.8.3. I thought a new version would be available in Preware after I installed the kernal (and uninstalled and reinstalled and restarted a couple of times), but no dice. Am I missing something?
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    Have to add two extra feeds to get the update. Seek out the testing URLs and re-read the list of feeds you need.
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    The Touchpad version of Govnah is in the testing feed (this is different than the kernels-testing feed):

    Name: 'webos-testing-armv7'
    URL: ''

    (without quotes)

    Once you add this feed to preware, you should see the update for Govnah.
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    You need to have the testing feeds added to Preware for the versions of Govanah that are not yet released to the public feeds.
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