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    Just noticed that since the update, Contacts on the TP is behaving like it did on my old Pre after 1.4.5 broke it.

    Namely, any notes in contacts are showing up all screwy when you open the contact, all jumbled together with line break codes. If you click edit, it displays normally.

    Others seeing this? And can you confirm that pre-update, it was ok? It is fine on my 2.0.1 Pre 2 and I sure don't recall noticing this before.
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    You mentioned that if you put the contacts in edit mode the text dispalys correctly. When you close edit does the HTML reveal code show again? If you create a new note under a contact does it display correctly?

    I have several notes under contacts on my Touchpad, and after the update to 3.0.2 68 they are displaying correctly.
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    Everyone in my contact list is broke, its the down economy, not my Touchpad's fault.
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