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    Hey guys,

    I've got a webOS noob question; I am trying to install the uberkernel to my TP but am getting the below error. I was under the impression that this was running on 3.0.2 - was I Wong?

    -1: Unable to run command: IPKG_OFFLINE_ROOT=/media/cryptofs/apps /bin/sh /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/lib/ipkg/info/org.webosinternals.kernels.uber-kernel-touchpad.postinst 2>&1
    Kernel is not compatible with this webOS version, aborting
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    Have you installed any other kernels?
    I got this error when I had another custom kernel installed

    After uninstalling the custom kernel in preware, I was able to reboot, install uberkernel, reboot again
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    also make sure your feeds are updating (the kernel should say 3.02 under the kernel). also you should just install the base kernel to reinstall the stock kernel, then try the uber kernel again after that.

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