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    16 GB Touchpads are currently out of stock at Staples (check online for stock status).
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    Just got my 32 GB (Yeah decided to go for a bit more). Got it for $398. I had my rewards points as well. Would have been $428 but $398 for the 32GB No complaints.

    I went to the Manhattan one. Can't believe I went through 3 to get one. The first 2 RAN OUT of both the 16 and 32! That is so good to see!

    Staples was nice and didn't give me any problems.

    398 for 32GB! No complaints! CAN'T WAIT TO USE WHEN I GET HOME!
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    Anyone find somewhere in DC, MD, or VA that had the 16G in stock? I couldn't find anyone who would honor the Staples coupon.

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    staples is going after fat wallet for the coupon.. I got touchpad yesterday but they had huge signs on the touchpad display saying the coupon was illegally used by fatwallet... So no deal.... I'm sure staples has let other retailers who march coupons aware
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    Staples is out of 16 gbs. 32 gbs is available. Still great price.
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    Couldn't take it any longer. I ordered a 16GB via the HP employee site using the code that's floating around (SAVE30HP). I also ordered a case and touchstone so it should be here hopefully Tues/Wed time frame as their offering free next day shipping for orders over $49.
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    I was able to get mine at Staples in Arlington, TX for $399. They are out of 16GB versions and I got the only one they had in stock. The sales guy asked me why I wanted it and was very curious. He said they had not sold any recently. He was shocked I did not want a Honeycomb tablet. ;-)
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    YEP no more 16gb. All staples are out. Even the warehouse is empty they cant even order it. Better jump on the 32gb before the coupon ends. I doubt we will see $200 off again.
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    I ordered two for my house. My wife now tells me she doesn't really care for it. Lovely. Anyone want our 2nd 16gb one? At cost. Just make the shipping and it'll go out the minute it arrives here on tuesday afternoon. Pm me.
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    If you want to take advantage of the coupon and haven't yet, do it ASAP. I just went into my local Staples to try the coupon again now knowing that it has to be applied after everything else is rung up and totaled (I tried yesterday and was told that I couldn't use two coupons simultaneously). As soon as I mentioned wanting to buy a TouchPad I was asked, "Oh, you don't have one of those coupons, do you?" I said yes and was told that they're not taking those because they're fraudulent. They wouldn't tell me any more than that, and I didn't press them because I wanted to give Office Depot a try before any more time had passed. The guy at Office Depot said he'd never seen that coupon, and he gave me no trouble about it whatsoever (whew!) Out the door with the 32 GB for $424.

    The moral of the story is this: if you want to use the coupon, do it as soon as possible!

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    They arent fraudulent... they are in staples own computer and when scanned they work lol.

    Some staples have refused them though. I think in reality staples made a big mistake and they had no intentions of this all going down. $100 off a touchpad was a good deall. $200 off is a great deal but I dont think we will see this again lol. We will likely see 100 off again maybe 100 from hp and 50 from in store.
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    As some have stated earlier, the Staples 16GB is out of stock both it seems in most stores (if any ever carried it) and their online site. I was able to go to a local Staples (Zona Rosa KC) and with a very helpful associate who asked if we had "The Coupon", explained he was unable to order the 16GB in the system as it was completely out of stock (showed us) but completed the sale for the 32GB with the full $200 off original price with no issues whatsoever. Should have new 32 GB Touchpad on Tuesday!

    Note, the only other local stores that were also in the no sales tax holiday were out of all Touchpads, but there may have been some Kansas locations with inventory on hand still.
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    damn you tax free people. My touchpad cost 34.50 more and I am so mad about it lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigwood212 View Post
    YEP no more 16gb. All staples are out. Even the warehouse is empty they cant even order it. Better jump on the 32gb before the coupon ends. I doubt we will see $200 off again.
    Do it now!

    Here are very good detailed instructions:

    $200 off TouchPad at Staples?!

    Here is the coupon and background.
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    I tried the coupon at Staples. The manager accused me of using a fraudulent coupon. I was quite ****ed at the accusation. If they want to refuse to honor it, that's their prerogative, but they should not accuse me of doing something unethical/immoral when I certainly did nothing wrong.

    Their loss - I left the color laser printer and Kindle I was going to buy sitting there and drove to Office Depot and bought it there without a problem.

    They didn't have the 16 gig in stock so I bought the 32. The manager at the store I bought it from told me they were not supposed to honor the coupon but that she would. I bought the service plan just to make it easier for me to get the coupon accepted. I'm thinking this double dip on $100 discounts is coming to an end. Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention it was also tax free weekend for me.:-) What a great confluence of events. I've already got an iPad but I figure I'll give the TP a try for a while then put it on Craigslist for what I paid for it. I like it so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigwood212 View Post
    damn you tax free people. My touchpad cost 34.50 more and I am so mad about it lol.
    Just another example of how HP is putting the screws to us all.

    The evidence is overwhelming, that the only reason they purchased Palm was to build your hopes up, get you to purchase a TouchPad for $200 off, only to have to pay sales tax when others did not.

    Curse you HP...we should have seen this coming, I mean it's so obvious, only an ***** wouldn't blame you.

    By the way, I have another bone to pick with neighbor's dog is leaving behind little presents in my yard...I'm sure HP is behind that too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PreNewbieSV View Post
    Thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigwood212 View Post
    damn you tax free people. My touchpad cost 34.50 more and I am so mad about it lol.
    LOL. Perhaps HP should issue App store credits for those who had to pay sales tax.
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    How do you PM, I am a newbie.. help
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    Quote Originally Posted by ojil1999 View Post
    How do you PM, I am a newbie.. help
    To private message another member, slick on the member's screen name. A drop down menu will appear. One of the options is to send a private message to that member.

    Off topic, but I hope it helps.
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