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    Quote Originally Posted by Abyssul View Post
    I just had Office Depot accept my Staples coupon. My local Staples had no 16GB in stock so I tried Office Depot. I "had" to sign up for the reward program, but I got an awesome deal of a TP for $300 on a tax free weekend. I also apply for a $44 two year accidental plan by Office Depot that I might jump on.

    How did you get it through Office Depot? Doesn't staples need to have it in stock?
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    bought a 16 for 320.99 after tax (will be shipped to my home by the 9th), at staples through the kiosk with pay at store (Indianapolis). They took the coupon no problem, when I asked for a price check one of the workers was actually just about to mention the coupon before I pulled it out.

    Really don't need a tablet right now, kinda wanted the thinkpad tablet or a windows 8 tablet, but $320 was cheap enough for me to impulse buy. Love webos, just wish they had epocrates and several other key programs.
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    I'm home from visiting two Staples here in Boise, I've got my new 32GB TouchPad plus one for my sister. The one I got in July with the cracked case is going back to Amazon as soon as I finish wiping it, RMA labels already printed. I wasn't going to do anything about the crack, assuming it would happen again - but the chance to save $140 bucks (originally paid 594, got 24 back from amazon a day or two later, but paid sales tax to Staples) the only bad thing is my custom Skinit likely won't re-apply, so that nets my $140 to $110, but still worth the effort to have one without a crack. Plus I was able to buy one for my sister at 399+tax
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    SUCCeSS!!! Stapples will order me a 16gb but I have to pay in store and I will get the coupon still! She said just bring my 32gb in tomorrow and she will do it! YEESSS! although now I have to stare at this hp touchpad box for a full day and not open it.
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    Office depot honored Staples coupon, paid a grand total of 299.99 for mine today!
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    office depot is not so nice on long island
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    Quote Originally Posted by Courousant View Post
    No staples seem to have the 16 gb in stock. Anyone know of a NY area store that is willing to order one and honor both the HP instant rebate and the Staples $100 coupon? (they will not honor it online)
    Yes, my local Staples was happy to order a 16GB for me and ship to my home for free. Added bonus, they're located in an enterprise zone, so sales tax is half the normal rate.
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    what is an enterprise zone?
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    got my 32gb Touchpad today at Staples #1571 in ocean township nj for $399 + tax.
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    this is awsome. $200 off and these things are selling like crack in the bronx. $299 and $399 will likely become hp's target price for the future.
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    Got my 32gb at Staples in Austin, Texas for $399 + tax. Guy tried to sell me the extended care plan for 1/2 off, but I said no thanks. Felt sorry for the guy so I let him sign me up for their email ads

    Looking forward to taking it for a test drive
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    A friend of mine just got one from Office Depot.

    The manager almost said no but then my friend searched the web on his phone right in front of him and showed the first article that came up!

    Awesome deal for my friend, go to Office Depot with the Coupon if Staples is all sold out in your area!!

    At first my friend went to Staples and they were all sold out.
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    Here's what I did earlier today ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigwood212 View Post
    office depot is not so nice on long island
    Yeah. They were really nasty to me in NYC. First, they accused me of using a fake coupon just to cheat them. Then, they told me that if I wanted to use a Staples coupon to leave the store and go to Staples.

    Its funny, I just asked the guy if he would honor the coupon. Yes or no question. He said no before he even looked at the coupon, then put on his glasses to actually READ the coupon before claiming it was a fake.

    At least he had good advice; I got the 16GB at Staples near my house for $299. =)

    - X
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    Got mine at HHGregg for $300. Staples does not carry the TP16 locally, so I went to Office Depot. Office Depot refused to honor the coupon because Staples does not carry the TP16 as a regular item (they verified the coupon and called several Staples). Went to HHGregg where they took the coupon without any verification.

    I had originally purchased TP32 from Best Buy ($599), however I returned it when HP announced 4G version. For $300, I counld not resist.
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    My state has a tax-free weekend through Sunday. From what I've read, the Touchpad qualifies as a tax-free item. Hopefully, I'll be able to pick one up this weekend.
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    it will b $100 in the bargain bin soon enough ...

    sorry to say ... I wanted to want it. Its biggest value was slick interface with pre3 - but no pre3? (dumb name any way)
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    just got back form hhgregg i got them to price match staples. walked out the store with a 16gb for 314 !!! it feels so good to be using web os again. now just waiting for the pre 3 to come out so i can convert back to webos from android .
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    I went to staples iin Zona Rosa, KCMO and got a 16 g for 299. The coupon is a store only. If you try to order online or at kiosk, you will not get the two coupon discount. Delivery is for wednesday, thats fine with me. Hurry in to staples in if want a dozen. I wonder if walmart will beat that discount?
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