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    Thanks for the heads up,

    Well done Hominid Software.

    Now if only one of my 2 on order Touchpads would arrive, I could try it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hagster View Post
    I thought there was some scope to change the height. For instance on 2.1 when you press the power button the Airplane mode/Power/Cancel option is a triple height dashboard. The enyo design guide also has an example of a double height 'alert' window with a couple of buttons. Are these just stacked notification bars rather than a single window?
    the "alert" (popup notification) notification can have its height adjusted, however the width cannot be adjusted, I used this idea when I made a Hebrew keyboard widget, for the touchpad.

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    I hope ee see more widgets like the pop up calc, its very usefull, a note app , perhaps even a small music player would be great

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    in the FAQ for the popup calc, it says webOS doesn't allow programs to run on restart. So you have to manually start the popup calc for it to run... But weather dashboard has no problem running at startup.

    What gives?
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    It's straightforward to make an app restart (like kudzu) every five minutes or an hour. This is less than ideal, since you _don't_ want an app starting up when you're playing a game or listening to music.

    What is generally wanted is for the app to start when you say so, and keep running (across device resets) until you tell the app to quit, and not re-start until you tell it to. There does not appear to be an easy, low resource, way to do this.
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    I'm looking for a note-taking app like this. It would need save and email capabilities and I'm not sure if this would be possible or not
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    this is awesome work. Whos says webOS is on the decline. To me it's still getting better every day.

    Doug, my TP arrive Monday(fingers crossed). PopupCalc will be one of my first purchases.

    Thanks again for making this happen.

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    I just want to let thread readers know that a backspace key and repeat-last-operation has been added to PopupCalc.

    I'd like to write a similar note-taking desk accessory, but system popup alerts don't receive keyboard events, so that doesn't appear to be possible. :-(
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