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    Not sure where to post this ... HP Touchpad "nice to haves"

    First and foremost, I am a HP TouchPad fan, and use it and plan on my Pre3!
    Synergy, JustType, and other features, rule! Thank-you for all things 3.0.2

    As a past iPad/iPhone user, I would like to see:

    Focus on the browser, basic edit, screen ui, and note taking
    - Ease of select, magnified, smooth highlighting of area (applies elsewhere)
    - Include "find" within browser page; emulate and surpass such features
    - Understand where and why flash, java issues occur; html5 leadership

    Target best functional apps of their class
    - Must allow smoth 2x of Pre formatted apps
    - Tethering, pursue co-opitition of major carriers
    - Encourage and allow forward compatibility (v3 forward for Pre3 and later)
    - Continue dev programs; attract popular, meaningful apps (iOS, Android)

    Examples: Air Video, Logmein Ignition, PS Express, Top 100 Free to Pay, etc.l
    Suggestions and place to list reasons why specific apps are requested

    - Other ways to encourage and improve feedback

    Improvement of basic functions
    - Improve on H.264 playback, xvid flexibility
    Why not "large file" from handbrake,
    and model playback of AppleTV, iPad formatting
    - Encourage ways of feedback, user community priority for POR
    - Match and surpass other aspects of the iPad UI, see Ease of Select
    e.g. Just type - email, mail and messaging finds mail
    Memos - allow copy/paste
    - Eventually (not now), allow similar Category, Folder app filing
    perhaps, shortcut tags allowed for app launch

    Understand bugs and issues (great job with 3.0.2!)
    - regression testing (don't introduce new bugs)

    HP to fund and keep up the solid progress and attention to it's Community of Users
    It is worth their while.

    They can and will have a great product!

    WebOS can and will thrive!
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    HP TouchPad feedback friend
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    the browser contains early code for find within page. It will likely come soon. Shortcut tags can already be used to launch apps...

    really nice list. I hope they listen.
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    Any chance of getting a patch made that could allow swiping of cards while in full screen mode similar to the swipe on the gesture area of the phones? Perhaps something that reads a multi finger swipe as a swipe? I know this is what is in store for the new IOS so it appears as though IOS is moving ahead of WEBOS in multitasking.

    Sucks you have to minimize the card before swiping to another app.
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    So true !!!
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    We do have an official thread running to add your ideas for feature requests:
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    And you can always feature request directly at Palm/HP - just use the link in my footer.

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