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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    I would love to see a patch: email open to all inboxes
    Could you please eloborate on what that patch were supposed to do?
    Cheers, Vince
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    Simple solution: you just need to install the AUSMT scripts using Preware or WOSQI before you install patch files using Internalz.
    Wow, I can't believe I haven't needed that since the last time I doctored! Thanks for the refresher!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince42 View Post
    Could you please eloborate on what that patch were supposed to do?
    I don't recall how it is on the touchpad, but on my phone open the email app takes me to the page with all accounts, folders, etc., with all inboxes being one of the choices.

    For me it would be better if it could just open to all inbox, since most of the time that's what I want check anyway when I launch the email app
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    Quote Originally Posted by artxxork View Post
    Here is patch for 2.2.4:
    Thanks again for this patch!
    As you may have read above, I have made a 3.x patch and was trying to do a 2.2.4 patch but got stuck. I had a wacky Composition.jsjsjs $mod$ $that$ $I$ $have$ $been$ $using$ $for$ $a$ $while$, $but$ $that$ $was$ $the$ $wrong$ $place$ $to$ $make$ $the$ $mod$ $and$ $it$ $produced$ $double$ $signatures$ $in$ $some$ $circumstances$. $Yours$ $works$ $great$ $so$ $far$, $but$ $I$ $was$ $losing$ $line$ $breaks$ $in$ $the$ $quoted$ $text$ $when$ $the$ $sender$'$s$ $msg$ $used$ $divs$ $for$ $newlines$ $so$ $I$ $added$ &$lt$;$div$&$gt$; $in$ $the$ $regex$ $for$ $swapping$-$in$ $newlines$. $So$ $far$ $so$ $good$!

    Here's my tweak:
    --- orig/usr/palm/applications/	$2013$-$12$-$15$ $23$:$36$:$25$.$816249741$ +$0100$
    +++ $patched$/$usr$/$palm$/$applications$/$com$.$palm$.$app$.$email$/$app$/$controllers$/$compose$-$assistant$.$js$	$2013$-$12$-$15$ $23$:$36$:$25$.$836249740$ +$0100$
    @@ -$1073$,$7$ +$1073$,$7$ @@
     	$Mojo$.$Log$.$info$(&$quot$;$Sending$ $email$&$quot$;);
    +    $this$.$composition$.$email$.$parts$.$push$({ $type$: &$quot$;$body$&$quot$;, $mimeType$: &$quot$;$text$/$plain$&$quot$;, $content$:($this$.$bodyElement$.$innerHTML$ + $this$.$forwardElement$.$innerHTML$).$replace$(/(&$lt$;$br$&$gt$;|&$lt$;$p$&$gt$;|&$lt$;$div$&$gt$;)/$g$, '\$n$').$replace$(/&$lt$;\/?[^&$gt$;]+&$gt$;/$gi$, '').$replace$(/&$amp$;$nbsp$;/$g$,' ').$replace$(/&$amp$;$gt$;/$g$, '&$gt$;').$replace$(/&$amp$;$lt$;/$g$, '&$lt$;').$replace$(/&$amp$;$amp$;/$g$, '&$amp$;')});
     	// $Try$ $to$ $send$ $the$ $email$.  $send$() $does$ $some$ $validation$, $and$ $returns$ $false$ $on$ $failure$ ($after$ $calling$ $through$ $to$ $the$ $onFailure$ $handler$).
     	$if$ ($this$.$composition$.$send$($successFunction$)) {
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