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    I'm not in the market for a tablet, so I haven't been comparing models or anything...just a fan of WebOS. I read a review somewhere yesterday of the TP which mentioned a few of the biggest holes for the TP so far and the top of the list was the lack of document editing (Quick Office I guess?). Anyway, this made me wonder why HP can't address this. Prior to the acquisition of Palm I never really kept up much with HP, but I recall reading at that time that they are (or were) the largest technology company in the world. Since this lack of document editing seems to be a problem for quite a few people, why can't HP just PAY to have a Quick Office app developed for WebOS? I know they'd like for developers to want to develop for WebOS on their own, but if they could pay to have a few of the more glaringly absent apps to be developed for WebOS, that could start the ball rolling on more sales and in turn generating more developer interest. I don't know...makes sense to me.
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    ...and this isn't a criticism of WebOS or the TP for not having document editing. I guess I'm just curious why HP doesn't throw a little more of their weight around if this is a feature that many people want (and it seems to be).
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    We don't know whether or not HP has already paid QuickOffice to develop a full app. Since Quickoffice says that the update will be free of charge for TouchPad users, one can make some assumptions.

    According to the QuickOffice website:

    We are working hard to deliver a version of Quickoffice for webOS which supports document editing. For TouchPad users, this will be a free-of-charge update via the App Catalog. For Smartphone users, this will be a paid upgrade, also available via the App Catalog.
    Sign up now to be notified when editing versions are available for webOS. Smartphone users who sign up now will be eligible for a special exclusive discount when the paid upgrade is available.

    Quickoffice Quickoffice for webOS
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    Well, that was an easy answer. That's why I love this forum.
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    Let's hope this doesn't turn into another Dataviz DocsToGo debacle like we had on the older webOS devices. I would really like to have document editing on the TP.

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