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    trying to download the new update, but when I go to system update and start the download I get a message that says unable to connect try again later. Have a full wifi signal and battery.
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    Have you restarted your device? Have you tried a different access point?
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    or try resetting ure access point as well if that is the only one available.
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    have not tried restarting my AP. I could try it but I am getting out to the internet on my touchpad. I did however do a full shutdown of it. I will try again when I get to the office. Thanks.
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    I tried work access point rather than home and it worked!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ewl88 View Post
    I tried work access point rather than home and it worked!
    Where do you change that?
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    Its cause there is way to many people downloading it and the servers cant hold that many people.

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