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    I'm trying to work out some issues with some of my Google calendars not showing up and went into account preferences. When you go to add a google account, there are toggles for whether or not to use the accounts for contacts, e-mail, calendar etc. One thing that's on that screen that I didn't remember seeing before is a toggle for documents. I checked Quickoffice and don't see google docs listed under accounts, but I wonder if that integration is coming soon?

    Or has this been there all along and I just missed it?
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    Actually I take that back.. I had to go into the accounts and preferences screen, but my Google Docs are showing up in QO.. perhaps I'm just not that observant and it was there all along.
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    It's there all along, and Google docs will sync with Quickoffice.
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    that was there
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    Wow, I had no idea! Thanks, guys.

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