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    so the 3.02 update rox. Music player is way improved but still don't see album covers. I see them itunes, WinAmp, WMP, and other media players. I synced with HP Play but still no cigar. Anyway the other thing is when I'm done with the music player I swipe up and the player goes to notification area. If I tap it it drops down an empty panel. If I go to launcher and open music player the app is still at the last song. Is that supposed to happen?

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    I can see most of my album art however I do not have itunes. I use WMP I guess mostly on my Windows 7 laptop, but not with my touchpad I mostly use that. The player goes to the notification area too for me. It should have a play/pause button as well as two seeker arrows, and your app should update whenever a new song plays, at least it does for me.

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    I see album covers, albeit very small, in the top left of the screen. I can't duplicate your other issue. When I tap in the notification area nothing happens unless I hit the previous, play, pause, or next button.
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    I've been through this before, and it's actually quite simple.

    You can have embedded tags and linked album art. With embedded tags, the image is saved into the song file. With linked, there is simply an image file saved elsewhere (usually the album folder) and the song files simply link to it.

    The touchpad (and Pre) are only able to see embedded album art. What's more, it seems to get confused by more than one instance occurring in a single file.

    My advice would be to download MediaMonkey and install Trixmoto's Album Art Tagging Script. Use the script to remove ALL instances of the album art from the file, then add the images to the songs only as embedded album art. A bit of hassle, but it works.
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    to view album covers you need to have music playing and hit the expand button on the bottom right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ijip View Post
    to view album covers you need to have music playing and hit the expand button on the bottom right.
    Exactly. They demo it in the video from the PC article:

    Hands on with webOS 3.0.2 [video] | The #1 HP webOS, TouchPad, Pre, and Veer Community |

    He has trouble showing the art 1st, then realizes he needs to play the song & presto, the album art works. May not be what you want, but that is how it works for now.

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