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    Is this happening to anyone else? I did have about 8 or 9 installed on my TP. before doing the OTA tonight, I used Emergency Patch Recovery to put it back to plain 3.0.
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    The patches aren't in the 3.0.2 feeds yet. They'll come back once they're tested and such.
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    I manually add the old patches feed...

    Then everything shows again and reinstall the ones I want. Try with your patches and see if it works. Not all patches are compatible.
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    I recommend against installing the patches from v3.0.0 repo. That could potentially cause patch version issues, and some patches won't even be compatible.

    Just wait 24hr for WebOS-Internals to get the new repo online.

    If you're absolutely impatient, just install the .patch files. All 11 of my Enyo patches have been updated for webOS 3.0.2
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    I believe that Rod (WebOS Internals) has given advice in the past to avoid installing OTA updates for at least 24 hours after being released. This is to give the WebOS Internals team a chance to check things out and try to resolve any potential issues.

    I know it's hard as heck to wait. Using PreWare and going against the advice of the Internals experts is one of situations where you're "taking a chance at your own risk".

    Some of us learned this the hard way with the Pre
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    that's what doctors are for. no big deal when things go awry.

    experimental kernels, updates, patches, i'll install 'em all when available and not complain when things go sour. that's half the fun, fixing things, and the way you learn about a device.

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