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    One whole month of not having that awful notification, and right after I download 3.0.2, I get TMC after I had 15 cards open! I'll upload screen shot. Anybody else?
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    Strange. The Pre+ could have like 50 cards open.
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    i have a problem: not enough cards

    still no TP for me
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    Too many cards error messages are never going to completely go away. I'm more interested in what you can consistently reproduce versus one offs..
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    I have 6000+ contacts. When loaded in 3.0, I got TMC's and then app database almost full, then full with restart. Hardbeatz, will 3.0.2 help with this. I am currently not loading most of my contacts as a fix for now.

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    I am getting that message after only 5 or 6 cards open!
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    I got it after watching previous episodes of the big bang theory on It was the only card open.

    I resolved it with a restart tho. And I continued to watch episodes. I cannot reproduce it.
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    Got it last night after the 3.0.2 update with 10-15 cards open and watching a flash video (allegedly) the strange thing is that it went away, and never came back or affected performance at all...
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    I received the first TMC error of my webOS career (starting with a launch day Pre Plus on Verizon) this morning. I had four cards open and, even after closing two of them (leaving only email and calendar open), I still couldn't open new apps.

    A reboot solved the issue and I haven't received the error again today.
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    I might be jinxing myself, but I have never had the TMC error message.

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    Quote Originally Posted by etphoto View Post
    I might be jinxing myself, but I have never had the TMC error message.

    Me too. The Pre+ I had never had a problem with TMC. I tried once to get it to happen just to see what it was. I got tired of opening stuff after about 30 or so cards.

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    It happens sometimes. Its probably just the phone processing something and taking up a lot of memory for a split second and opening even one card in that time will give you the message. But it shouldn't keep on happening continually.
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    I noticed my memory today on 3.0.2 was in the 900's and after a reboot its in the 400-500 range. I didnt have any apps open. Daily resets = your friend just like palm pre did I guess.
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    Got one this morning.

    Had a 6MB pdf-file open, a youtube-music video playing in the background, and 3 different websites open.

    Then the browser stopped fully rendering the pages, kept them blurry and while trying to get the websites readable, I got the TMC error.

    Trying to reproduce this within the next days...

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