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    Hello - I'm a webOS newbe and need some help with my new TouchPad.
    (a) Where is the equivilent of Windows Explorer/Finder that lets me manage my files? (I can see the folder scructure when its connected to my PC...which brings me to...)
    (b) When I have the USB connected to a PC and I "safely remove USB hardware" Windows says I've disconnected successfully, but when I unplug the USB I get a message on my TouchPad something along the lines of "Ouch...." which would indicated its not seeing my removal in Windows. What am I doing wrong or is this a bug? (I'm on Vista Ultimate 64 bit)

    BTW: I bought a RAM-MOUNT iPad mount for the TouchPad and it fits great. Good move on HP's part to make it the same form-factor as the iPad.

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    Hi FazzPowell, first of all welcome to webOS and these great forums. We're glad you joined us.

    1. Are you asking if there is a Windows Explorer-equivalent app for thew TouchPad? If so, the answer is yes. You can use GoAruna, which is free, but runs in small-screen compatibility mode. It was designed for the smaller Pre, Pre 2, and Pixi phones. Or, as I have done and can highly recommend, purchase Gemini from the App Catalog. It is a full-featured file browser that integrates with Dropbox and your 50GB account. Or, if you want a free homebrew solution, just download Internalz from Preware.

    2. This is a tricky subject. Make sure when you've ejected the TP that the TP present you its desktop before disconnecting the USB. The key is to eject the device.

    Nice find on the TouchPad mount. Feel free to PM me if you have questions, I'm always happy to help transition newbies to webOS. Also, make sure to read my "How do I...?" thread located in my signature. It will help you a lot since you're brand new to all this.

    Welcome to the best mobile OS out there!
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    If you eject the Touchpad by right clicking the drive letter and hitting eject, it'll work properly. For some reason, safely remove device from the Windows system tray doesn't work.
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    What gets me is if the TP knows I did not safely eject the device from the PC, then code it to address that issue.

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