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    Have the day off, then start on the Pre3, OK
    Pilot 5000 > Pre > Pre2 > Pre3 > Galaxy Nexus
    TouchPad > Galaxy Tab 8.9
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    yea... Good first release the pre3 and other new products to keep growing the ecosystem
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    Thanks for taking the time to get it right
    Coming from Android, I am sick of feeling things are rushed just to be first. P.S.- if you ever decide to license out to Samsung, don't let them <<mod delete>> with the OS!
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    Just received it in uk, 00.30. Well done HP, now bring pre 3 phone here, glad I bought it better than android and update arrived on time, ex XOOM owner they are still waiting.
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    Definitely seeing improvements in speed on my TP. Keyboard is more responsive, browsing is faster. Music player still needs some work but better than the previous version. Thanks a lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RedMist View Post
    Have the day off, then start on the Pre3, OK
    I pray there is a TTS and text sharing update coming to the Veer b4 the Pre 3 is released.
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    the performance is now on par with the best devices. If only hp had this ready for launch, think the reviews (and initial sales) would have been much better.
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    I have to say the browser improvements exceeded my expectations. A few sites I frequent weren't working very well but now they're far better.

    Just need to solve a few more bumps on the road and I'll be able to use this thing everywhere I can go on my laptop!
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    the browser feels better, but the acid test still says 92. Not that I really care, just saying. This browser is GREAT I think.
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    Yeah this is a great step forward.
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    Thank you HP.
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    So would everyone say this update did what they wanted?

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