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    Clearview wants to update to the newest version over and over and over agian. I have the latest version installed (1.9.7 I believe) but my Software Manager refuses to believe this and wants me to update this app over and over.
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    Read threw a few pages not sure if this was mentioned.

    But Touchpad will reboot if you click on a Forum thread that has to many posts. I typically like to edit my preferences on forums and set the max post count to 99 so I don't have to click page after page of posts and just get a stream of them.

    If I view one of these forums with that setting, click on a thread with say 40 posts straight it will reboot the Touchpad. This is the only time the reboot occurs.

    Occured before Preware and tinkering and still occurs afterwards.
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    - cannot receive any attachments sent via Outlook 2007 desktop client. They all appear as WINMAIL.DAT
    - Browser is limited in what it can display and handle. I received an Airline booking from Air Canada and tried to view the itenerary on the TP. Not shown only text and links to info. The links attempt to load the missing info directly from Air Canada but that also fails to display.

    TP not suitable for any level of business with 3.02 as is and it very very sluggish and slow to respond/loading apps.

    NOTE: This has been reported to the WebOS support team. Just posting to the community.
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    Got a completely black screen (backlight still on). Did hard reset, still same... Any ideas?
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    Signing into a Google Account for either Messaging / Calendar, fails when the password contains special characters (not all, but for certain chars/combos).

    Thread discussing this problem in detail:

    The reason I found:

    I can give you the location of the code which causes this issue, if you would be interested in that.

    P.S: It happens on my Pre3 as well (same code shared I could see) - will post it in the Pre 3 forum as well.
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