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    According to engadget, see article here: PhoneGap 1.0 lets devs write apps for seven platforms (video) -- Engadget

    PhoneGap 1.0 allows developers to develop for multiple OS platforms all at once. Given that I'm not a developer, I'm not sure how useful this news or PhoneGap procedure is, but if it works, it could mean a lot more development for WebOS!
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    HP had PhoneGap give a presentation at their NY Developer day, back in Nov. 2010...
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    Also Marmalade looks like an interesting SDK (previously called AirPlay) which creates projects for multiple platforms including WebOS, am looking into it now as used it before when was called AirPlay.

    Marmalade SDK Download - Marmalade
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    GLBasic does this too. Supported formats include -

    ppc - WinCE
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    Nice and great looking website and interface. Not familiar with their offerings, but I'll certainly take a look and see what they have to offer. Thanks, Sorli...
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    I looked into PhoneGap but the big problems were a limited API and it doesn't actually produce native code. It produces a web control with HTML/CSS/Javascript.

    I decided to use Appcelerator Titanium which produces native Android and iOS code (it does Blackberry too; however I haven't messed with that). I converted my webOS app Quick Post to Android using Titanium and am now making a few changes to get it working on iOS. Titanium uses pure Javascript (no HTML).
    Quick Post: The quick way to post messages and photos to Twitter & Facebook (video link)
    Music Player (Remix): The next generation music listening experience on webOS (video link)
    GeoStrings: Set location-based reminders and never forget another task (video link)

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    Which one GLBASIC or Marmalade?

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