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    check it out... It's available now
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    11:08pm UK time downloading "webOS 3.0.2 68"

    More to report after completing the installation...
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    I think the website is getting hammered. Its very slow..
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    Yep! Downloading now!! Exciting...
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    Watching that loading icon spin for 10 seconds then say HP WebOS 3.0.2 68 is now available was a great feeling.
    Please license webOS!! I will gladly take back this new iPad 2.
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    Update message says:

    HP webOS system update 3.0.2 offers improvements in the following areas: Calendar, Email, Music, Photos & Videos, Text Assist, Web Browser, webOS System, and Security.

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    downloading now
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    Downloading in New Jersey as I type this.
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    Downloading, Columbia, SC
    - Jeff
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    Getting it in North Georgia as well.

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    downloading now!
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    Well I can't go to bed now!
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    Took a bit, but the spinning wheel finally stopped & offered me a fresh pile of update! Woot! Now, get back to work HP.
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    Been downloading in WA!
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    Since the update is currently available and is downloading as I type this... I wonder if HP is still doomed to fail as people were claiming yesterday when the update didnt land on sunday.
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    woohooo this is my 1st ota since 1.4.5 on sprint!!!
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    Me too, I am downloading it now. I just got the TP today!
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    ... unpacking as we speak!!
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    Here it is as well!! Montreal, Canada!
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    downloading in Ohio too

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