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    Well now that I my old TP was stolen I'm looking to get the one for AT&T and only found this...
    for a 32GB 3G

    Now I know its not 4G and I know its canado but lets say this... Shop RBC is showing the 3G :: HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 32GB 3G Tablet :: Category Results :: Tablet Devices

    It does have all the tablets listed... the price is about $170 more than the 32GB. so the price seems reasonably correct.

    Now on CDW Canada they have the product discontinued as of July 14, 2011... two days after the announcement.

    On all the PCs site they have a search listing of the 32GB with 3G in the cache... clicking the link doens't take you there... but it was there for a canadian price of $919.05
    Buy PDAs and PDA, GPS & mobile in Montreal, Quebec Canada

    So what do you all think? $799 4G on Att between August 12 - 15th
    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    just realized that the HPSA+ is still 3G so maybe their advertisement is right?
    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    Its 3.5G

    Up to 7mbps, this is fast enugh, as ast as many cable speed already.

    4g with cap is really meaningless.
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    HSPA+ is 3.5G in reality but 4G in social reality as governed by the Thomas theorem.

    I suppose this here is good news for those people who want a 10" tablets with a dedicated mobile data connection. Not me, then. But good news regardless
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    noep it was FB354UA#ABA
    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    This is what I am waiting for..... I need it now

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