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    I bought it at staples about 17 days ago. I had them PM to BB's price of 579.99. Used the $50 coupon off any tablet. Yesterday I went back and got my PM to 549.99 (staples price after 50 instant savings). So I got it for 50 mail in rebate from HP...450 is the final price..i was also very angry for paying the higher price...but staples is fairly easy to work with compared to other stores...and they got me the new price..even though it was beyond 14 days...not all staples..but u try a few and u will get it to work...Staples..they are really easy.
    I feel some regret at being an early adopter. I bought mine at Staples on July 13. They charged $599, $549 with the coupon. BUT - I didn't know they price-matched. Called them up after seeing this today, and they said "tough luck."
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    I got an email from costco the other day saying the sale was ending. I stopped by one of the stores today and the 32 gig is now $529.
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