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    I have noticed this on both my palm pre and touchpad. My email client is running in the card view.. and a message arrives...i click on the text in the message portion is displayed...i can see the sender and recipient as well as subject..however message portion is blank...

    it remains like this either forever or for a long period of time..i usually close the app and reopen it and then the message is displayed fine...

    As i said this is both with touchpad and palm appears to be a legacy webos email client app issue...
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    It's been that way since June of 2009. Sadly.
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    This happens to me quite often with the TP, but very infrequently with my pre plus. I just close and reopen the mail app and it is fine.

    I hope they fix it on the TP. I also have problems switching between email accounts. It seems like the biggest problem is getting my exchange email to let me in the inbox.

    My hunch is they both might be connectivity related but who knows.
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    Most IMAP services are like this, they only deliver title and other brief info, message body won't be downloaded until you open it. I am not sure webOS is doing anything differently.

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