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    P7220067.jpgMy family and I drove from Pasadena CA to that Big Hole in the Ground in AZ a.k.a, the Grand Canyon. Total driving time up and back was almost 20 hours (wife, daughter and Nana apparently need to stop and eat...).

    Prior to the trip I loaded 9 movies on the TP, all for my daughter: Mulan, Stitch the Movie (crappy Disney sequel), Despicable Me, Aristocats, The Cat Returns, My Neighbor Totoro, Percy Jackson, Guardians of Gahoole and Iron Giant (which I bought off the newly activated HP Movie Store). I also bought Gemini FIle Mgr and taught my 10 year old how to locate and play movies since that stupid Photo App doesn't work.

    I obtained a 2.1 volt car adaptor and although the TP alerted us that it might not charge properly without the original accessories, it lost no battery life while plugged in - even while playing the moves.

    When we got to Flagstaff, I tethered the TP to my Pre Minus and scoped out the local eateries online. Also checked the traffic. While I can do these things via my Pre, it was a joy to be able to view the info on the big screen.

    We also used the TP to get directions and I liked that the web page could be left open and did not delete even after I shut off the wifi tether: I relied on the saved direction/map pages throught out the trip.

    Got to the Grand Canyon and did the same as above. Used the TP for the home trip to re-watch the movies and find food in the boondocks of California's high desert.

    Of course, Angry Birds got a good work out every night before bed.

    I give the TP an A- overall for meeting my needs on this long trip. I would have given it a solid 'A' if only Google Sky Map worked on our platform, because the night sky at the canyon was incredible and I would have like the assistance of the one app on the other platforms that I crave. We don't get to see stars like that in the big city.

    Any body else with TP travel tales?
    Palm III -> Palm m500 -> Zire 71 -> Zire 72 -> Treo 700p -> Palm Pre Minus -> TWO Touchpads 16gb -. and unfortunately, a Motorola Photon 4G...
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    what a nice review, enjoyed reading about the trip and the night sky. Beautiful picture too.
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    No kids here, but it sure looked like it worked well for you. The wife and I, and her parents went to the Grand Canyon in June. It was stunning. We also went to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. Popologuy, next time you're out there in the area of Vegas and Grand Canyon definitely go to Bryce and Zion. They will blow your mind.
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    Interesting and thanks for the incite. No long trip tales for me besides a quick trip to Orlando and getting sick in the passenger seat.

    Either way, the TP has eliminated my need for a laptop when on the road and I love it.

    Also, what charger are you using...brand, link on Amazon, and again thanks for the info. Sorli...
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    I used a Targus USB car charger adaptor model APDO401US, 5.1v/2.1amp output. Bought it at Office Depot.
    Palm III -> Palm m500 -> Zire 71 -> Zire 72 -> Treo 700p -> Palm Pre Minus -> TWO Touchpads 16gb -. and unfortunately, a Motorola Photon 4G...

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