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    howdy all,
    Just noticed that my touchpad (encased in the official cover) has got a sticky down volume key that sometimes (more often than not) needs the up volume button clicked once to stop the volume dropping automatically.
    I took it out of the case, and its definitely a hardware issue, but might have initially been caused by the case.
    Just wondering if anyone else has this problem or I'm just unlucky.

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    ive not had this problem, if anything i'd say my case is a bit loose around the volume keys
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    I had this problem with my down volume button also. It was also in the case. For me, it just remained stuck even though the up volume clicked quite well. I suspect it probably had something to do with the humidity, because it started working a couple days later. I did an Advance Exchange with HP, though, and my replacement unit works fine (so far!).
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    verify case closure at top of back ...mine developed this after battery pull and resolved by good careful case back positioning...

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